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Frequently Asked Questions

MDD is an integrated network of 5 tech ecosystems in Malaysia, connecting local digital talents, services, and products to businesses around the world.

We offer access to over 18,000 software developers and 200 Digital Service Providers across 5 key cities in Malaysia for your business needs.

MDD was formed out of the need for a scalable solution to integrate the fragmented tech ecosystems across Malaysia, in order to reduce duplication/inefficiencies and to tap into global opportunities for digital talent, services, and products.

We offer a single gateway into 5 tech ecosystems across Malaysia, in order to (1) build your remote digital workforce, (2) procure quality and trusted digital services, and (3) help your business to scale quickly across Malaysia.

We migitate the risk of disputes between client and service provider resulting from non-delivery/unsatisfactory quality of projects by service providers and non-payment by clients. We achieve this through an in-house project tender and management system, as well as contracts and enforcement with the service providers.

Malaysia has a broad multilingual and educated talent pool. MDD offers a scalable talent development pipeline consisting of coding schools, universities, a mentorship program, and a skills assessment system to ensure quality control of both technical and soft skills...

Apart from the affordable cost of living and developed infrastructure, MDD offers a unqiue model of living and working across 5 distinctive and dynamic cities.

1. Select a Digital Service Provider and Request for a Quotation

2. The DSP will respond to your RFQ within 24 hours.

3. If the DSP accepts your RFQ, they will send a proposed quotation with the detailed scope of work, including project milestones and payment.

4. If you are agreeable to the proposed quotation and scope of work, you can sign the digital contract and make a 20% mobilisation fee.

5. The project will begin, and upon completion of each milestone, an agreed percentage of the project fee will need to be paid.

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